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From the Core Studios is a fitness boutique focusing exclusively on providing group exercise classes, as well as personal training. We provide top quality fitness classes for people who are enthusiastic for fitness classes, and we want to improve the lives of people and communities through group exercise and personal training. We plan to promote relationships where participants bond and see the studios as a meeting place that enhances their social, physical and mental fitness.

At From the Core Studios, you will be part of a social hub that provides an engaging fitness environment to participants before, during and after classes by instructors who teach innovative, creative, fun and unique classes and are successful at what they do.  We welcome all people- all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to our studios.  The wide variety of classes hold appeal to people from every walk of life.  We tell everyone walking through our doors: Everybody. Every body. Welcome!

Our studios also provide personal training to members. There are many personal trainers who will be renting space from us.  That gives members access to seasoned personal trainers who will be able to train them on functional and core strength training in an intimate environment.

From the Core Studios will provide diverse classes that range from “A to Z”- from Aerobics classes to Zumba!  Our studios understand that the value of classes and creating connections and communities will be the ultimate means to retain members.

Classes help create relationships that will ultimately keep members returning each day for classes and motivate members to promote the studio classes among themselves and to others within the community.