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Dee is a fitness enthusiast who at one time, was over 320 pounds! After losing over one hundred pounds, the gyms came calling, and she started teaching.  But she felt her passion could be best utilized in a setting that she felt would be empowering for all people- all sizes, shapes, and ages.  This led to her studio being formed, From the Core Studios!  She teaches many classes there and continues her weight loss journey.  She invites everyone to join her on her journey, and she hopes to help people realize their fitness goals as well.  She teaches multiple formats, and holds over 17 certifications, including Pilates Mat, Pilates Reformer, Pilates Small Apparatus, Primary Group Exercise Instructor, Kickboxing, Aqua Aerobics, Senior Fitness, Yoga, Group Exercise for Children, Flirty Fitness, Spinning, Schwinn Cycling Fitness Academy, and Masala Bhangra, and Zumba.

She also works with special populations and people undergoing physical therapy.  She also has been a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise.  She also worked as a fitness trainer for the United States Army, teaching core training, boot camp, spinning, yoga, Pilates, and strength training class, as well as personal trained one-on-one as an Army Fitness Trainer.  She has presented worldwide at fitness conferences in Italy (Spinning Days), Switzerland (Spinning Days), and Sweden (International Conference in Stockholm and Gothenburg).   Her motto is “Everybody. Every body. Welcome!”


 Jamilah currently is a fitness trainer and a fitness instructor who teaches multiple formats.  She started with Zumba and strength training classes, and over the years, has added to her skills.  She now teaches Aqua classes, Zumba, Les Mills, Kickboxing, and she’s currently working towards her PiYo certification as well.

 She is well known to the fitness community, with her multi-colored hair, and extremely enthusiastic classes.  Her energy is infectious- people walk out with a smile on their face and sweat over every inch of their bodies.


Debbie is a trained dancer who teaches Zumba, and has deep roots with Afrobeat.  She has a love for dancing and fitness, and has danced for many years.  She is well-loved by her students wherever she goes, and she teaches with an energy that keeps people excited and coming back for more.

She also enjoys hip hop dance, so when you take her Zumba, you’ll have a unique prospective of elements of hip hop and Afrobeat within the class.  Come on down for her Zumba class, and jam it out with glow sticks, disco lights, and great music!


 Melissa is a powerhouse in the dance community.  She teaches Zumba and Afrobeat. She has been dancing and teaching fitness classes for many years.  Specifically, she has a love and an enthusiasm for teaching Afrobeat.  She is also developing several types of formats that are Afrobeat-inspired, and they will debut and be taught exclusively at From the Core Studios.


 DC native, dance athlete, and creator of Carrythms! Extreme Dance Program (American, Caribbean, and World cultural high intensity dance), Kendra began dance at age 3 with creative movement at Marlow Heights Community Center.  From there, her technique development in ballet/pointe, tap, jazz, pom-pon and production was bred with Linda Natoli Studio of Dance, until age 15.  She also became the president of her Elizabeth Seton High School’s dance club for her junior and senior years instructing hip hop, jazz and lyrical dance.  She also was a varsity cheerleader there for one year.  In college at West Virginia University, she auditioned successfully into three performing dance companies simultaneouslly: Mountain Jazz Dance Theatre, WVU Ballet Ensemble and WVU African Dance Company.

Kendra joined the group fitness world in 2003, beginning with Zumba and later gathering certifications in Primary Group Exercise, Aquatics Fitness, Bootcamp, Indoor Cycling, Personal Training, Practical Yoga and Resistance Training from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and also TRX and Kettlebells through X Sport Fitness.  She is CPR and AED certified, as well. Kendra made the business decision Zumba in 2009  to focus solely on perfecting the formula for Carrithyms! XDP.  Since then, she has held two instructor certification workshops and has made numerous appearances at annual NBC health and fitness expos in DC, Miami, NY and Virginia and has appeared on the air for local news channels Fox 5 and WUSA 9.  Kendra aspires to gain more traction with Carrithyms! to become an internationally recognized brand and is frequently looking for more instructors to certify