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Our Policies

From the Core Studios  wants to provide the most pleasant and fun experience possible for all of our clients, and our policy ensures that our studio can remain a consistently positive and exciting experience for many classes to come!

Class Policies
About our Packages:

All class packs, workshops, etc. are non-refundable, and they are non-transferrable.

Our 5 packs sometimes can be a challenge if you are traveling for your job. Unused classes in a pass are sometimes unavoidable, unfortunately, so please do consult your calendar before purchasing a 5 pack. We understand that people travel and sometimes, there is not enough time to complete your passes.  if it continues to happen, you may be better served with doing drop-ins instead until your schedule stabilizes.

Please contact the front desk so that we can discuss what option will work best for you.  Please be mindful of the expiration date, and log in when you can to double check so you do not lose classes!  Classes must be cancelled within 8 hours of the start of the class, or else you lose the class.

About our Contracts:
Our contracts are for unlimited classes. We allow for three cancellations per month when there is less than 8 hours to go before class at no charge. After the third cancellation, we will charge $5 per cancellation done with less than 8 hours to go before class. Please make every effort to schedule and attend classes you’ve signed up for so that instructors may properly plan for your classes.

During class:
1) Show up no more than 15 minutes before class and check in at the front desk
2) Grab your check-in card and head to your studio (if classes are full and we have a wait list). If you signed up for back-to-back classes, inform the front desk so they can check against their records and issue you your check-in card to give to the instructor of the second class
3) Turn in your card to the instructor teaching your class prior to the start of the class. If taking back-to-back classes, please do not give your second card to the instructor of your first class. Each check-in card is unique for the class you are taking
4) Use the lockers provided to store your belongings because our studio space is limited. Cell phones are not allowed on the floor. Please put your phone in silent mode so that classes are not interrupted!
5) We love to see people enjoying the class! But please do not engage in chat that interrupts the class and interrupt the flow of the workout. Yell. Groan. Scream. Laugh. Those are definitely acceptable during classes!
6) Please do not be late! If you are more than 10 minutes late, we may not be able to let you enter the class to minimize disruption. We will begin giving away spots for waitlisted individuals as soon as the class begins. If you arrive late and class has started, you will be permitted to enter if you are less than 10 minutes late, and if there is space still available in the class.
7) Minimize scents- no perfumes or colognes during class. Please help us keep our space pleasant for all!
8) Keep it clean- please use the wipes provided to clean down equipment after use. The next class thanks you, and so does the staff!

Cancellation Policy:
You must cancel your classes if you find you are not going to be able to make your classes. It is entirely your responsibility to un-register yourself if you are not going to make your class. Please do not call or email us to un-register. You can un-register for your class by accessing your account through our app on your phone if you downloaded it, or through the website by accessing the Mindbody scheduler and opening your account there. You may not transfer your class to anyone else if you cannot make your class. All classes in your pack, whether part of your unlimited monthly or yearly membership or any of the class packs can only be used by you.
Classes must be canceled at least 8 hours in advance to avoid being charged for the class. The reason why we have a cancellation policy is for several reasons:
• Others who may be on a wait list should be able to have the opportunity to take the class if someone cannot show
• If a class is consistently low on numbers due to cancellations, we may have to cancel the class altogether, since a class that has no numbers means it would be difficult to pay that instructor. This makes it difficult for instructors to commit to a class if they are not sure if their class will be canceled over time. We want to reassure our instructors that we will run classes always!
• It’s also about accountability. It is much easier to blow off a class if you have no consequences! We want you to go to all your workouts, have a great class and feel like you are getting the most out of our studios!

Additional Policies
Please do not enter a class that is ending while you are waiting for your class to start. When the studio is completely empty, you are welcome to enter the studio and prepare for your class. Please be respectful of classes before you!
The studios are open no more than 15 minutes before the start of your class.

After class, please leave the studios using the circulation pattern we set if classes are full and we have another full class coming behind your class. For upstairs classes, you will exit the back entrance. Please use the rail, avoid pushing those in front of you, and exit through the Pilates equipment room door to reach the front of the building. For the ground level classes, please exit the doors on the right side of the room (closest to the men’s room), merging with the people leaving from upstairs.

Some of our Mind/Body classes are hands-on. Our instructors are extremely experienced and may guide you through corrected poses or help you to improve your pose. If you are not amenable to that, please inform the instructor so that they may adapt their teaching methods to accommodate your request.

Birthday free class is sent out to those who register for our studios, but it will only be honored by CURRENT clients. Past clients who re-activate with us and rejoin our studios may use their birthday free class once they’ve purchased a package or signed up for a contract. If you sign up for a contract, you may use the free class to give to a friend. Free birthday pass can only be used for the contract or package that you are currently enrolled at the time of the birthday coupon sent. For instance, if you are using a Group Exercise Basic package, you may not sign up for a pilates reformer. You are eligible for Group Exercise Basic classes within the package, such as Doonya, Boxing, Total Body Conditioning, etc.

Non-members, such as ClassPass, Groupon, Living Social, etc are not eligible to use the free birthday class. We value your patronage, but must remind you that this is a reward for our current members who show continued fidelity with attending our classes.
Please be kind to our staff! We are all here to help make this a great experience for you. If you encounter issues with a staff member, please email us at and we will investigate and follow up within 24 hours.